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Dream Theater - Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence

Firma : East West Records
Çıkış tarihi : 2002
Prodüktör : Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci
Tip : 2 CD

Losing Time / Grand Finale

She dresses in black every day
She keeps her hair simple, and plain
She never wears make-up
But no one would care if she did anyway

She doesn't recall yesterday
Faces seem twisted and strange
But she always wakes up
Only to find she'd been miles away

A sense of awareness Losing time
A lapse of perception Losing Time

Wanting to escape she had created a way to survive
She learned to detach from herself
A behavior that hindered her life

Hope in the face of a human distress
Helps us to understand
The turbulence deep inside
That takes hold of our lives

Shame in disgrace of a mental unrest
Keeps us from saving those we love
The grace within our hearts
And the sorrow in our soul

Deception and Fame
Vengence and War
Lives torn apart

Losing oneself
Spiralling down
Feeling the walls closing in
A journey to find the answers inside
Are we losing mind?

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