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Dream Theater - Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence

Firma : East West Records
Çıkış tarihi : 2002
Prodüktör : Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci
Tip : 2 CD

Blind Faith

Hear me speaking
Asking why even bother
Tell me how you
Live from day to day

Take your time and look around
Is this utopia you found?

I'm sick of all of this
The suffering, and we just carry on
It isn't a time we care and lose the hate
Understand our fears
But we do all that we can
Justify the means to mend

Sorry you must excuse me
I painted my own Mona Lisa
She's fixed everything
Now I'm spoiled beyond my wildest dreams

Blind Faith we have in you
Which direction do we choose?

Take the streets
The beaten path
The system works for whom I ask
You have it all, a bigger house
And my advance to keep you out
(An iron fence to keep you out?)

When did we all let you down?
So come messiah show us how now
Our human spirit drowns
Don't think you hear me now
No sign of you around
what is it you hope to see

Blind Faith we have you
Which direction do we take
Give us something we can use
(or Give us something to commune ? not sure...)
Come, you've done all you can do

And still life pushes on
With or without you
We've got to carry on
Our will will guide us to
A place where we belong
Nowhere lies the truth
I am the believer
Who has brought the son to you

I don't think we let you down
So come messiah show us down now
Throw a secure lifeline,
I hope that you hear me, too.
I'm proud to be around,
There's more to us than we see now.

Blind Faith we have in you..
Misdirection that we choose
Cause you've done all that you can do

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