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Dream Theater - Scenes From A Memory

Firma : East West Records
Çıkış tarihi : 1999
Prodüktör : Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci, Terry Brown
Tip : 1 CD

Scene Six : Home

Shine- lake of fire
Lines take me higher
My mind drips desire
Confined and overtired

Living this charade
Is getting me nowhere
I can't shake this charade
The city's cold blood calls me home...
Home... It's what I long for
Back home... where I belong

The city- it calls to me
Decadent scenes from my memory
Sorrow- eternity
My demons are coming to drown me

Help- I'm falling, I'm crawling
I can't keep away from its clutch
Can't have it, this habit
It's calling me back to my home

I remember the first time she came to me
She poured out her soul all night and cried...

I remember I was told there's a new love that's born
For each one that has died...

I never thought that I
Could carry on with this life
But I can't resist myself
No matter how hard I try

Living their other life
Is getting them nowhere
I'll make her my wife
Her sweet temptation calls me home...
Home... It's what I long for
My home... where she belongs

Her ecstasy- means so much to me
Even decieving my own blood
Victoria watches and thoughtfully smiles
She's taking me to my home

Help- he's my brother, but I love her
I can't keep away from her touch
Deception, dishonor
It's calling me back to my home

"...four, four, who wants the hard
four?... who wants the hard four?...
...shooter had one, four...
...one, four... one and make it the
hard way... ...got the shooter... ...coming out for a new player...
take your best shot, gambler... ...who wants to come?
better hop in... place your bets... who wants to come?"

Her story- it holds the key
Unlocking dreams from my memory
Solving this mystery
Is everything that is a part of me

Help- regression, obsession
I can't keep away from it's clutch
Leave no doubt, to find out
It's calling me back to my home

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